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Reflections and Refractions' Journal

Saturday, July 31, 1999

12:00AM - [refract]


00:52, techincally 01.08.99

This will be a short entry, because it is late and I want to go to bed soon. I'm not tired, I'm actually pretty wound up, but I've got stuff I need to do tomorrow/today, so I'd better get some sleep tonight.

I went to Brainwaves with Chris and Becku tonight. That was fun. They were pretty funny tonight. It was nice to be able to laugh.

Sean called me when I got back. He had car trouble, 2 tires blew out, one of them the spare he put on to repalce the other one. Gak. I just got off the phone with him. It's amazing how long you can talk with someone about absolutely nothing. I can talk even longer to Becku of course but still. The telephone is probably the biggest time waster of the 20th century, slowly being replaced by the internet.

I also owrked on my papres for school today. I got the one on Measure For Measure done, and I'm mostly done with the one on The Winter's Tale. I might post them here, but I doubt anyone gives a flying fuck. I don't even want to read these bloody papers,and I can't imagine that anyone else would.

Tomorrow I just have to finish the remaining Shakespeare paper, add another page or so to my Emerson paper, take some notes for my research paper on Reform Judaism, and study for my math test on Monday. I thought it was supposed to be summer...ack.

"'Sure' is for people with nothing on the line. You and me, we just get on with it."

-- Garibaldi to Sinclair in Babylon 5:"Believers"

This quote was passing through my head today, while I was talking to Sean, when he asked me if I was sure about something. It didn't really apply, but I almost said it anyway. That's me, Nea the talking fortune cookie. I hate my brain sometimes. Bah.

Does the light of passion still burn bright
Only love would know, my imagination
Tells me I'm a pent-up fool
In the deep end of the pool

Gordon Lightfoot, Only Love Would Know

This is another quote that doesn't really apply, but gets stuck in my head. In both cases, the quotes almost make sense, but somehow fall short of making that actual leap in to the realm of reasonableness.

This entry is going nowhere, thus I am going to bed. Sorry for the pointlessness. Bah.

Captain Squanky signing off.

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