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Reflections and Refractions
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This is a journal in which algeh will repost her old journal entries from Reflections and Refractions, a journal she kept when in 1999-2000 when she was 18 and a sophomore in college.

The entries themselves will be public, but there may be members-only "commentaries" to some of them. Thus, this is a closed community. Feel free to watch it, but you may or may not be added to the members list. Only algeh can post.

Some of the other people mentioned in this journal also now have LiveJournals. They are:

Chris or Chris C. = qousqous
Kelly = joyquality
Sean = greatblondelf

If you know of someone mentioned in my old journal who has a LiveJournal and is not listed above (and you think wouldn't mind being listed) please let me know.